Drivers side window not rolling down with one touch


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Oct 11, 2003
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As the title really.....the drivers side window does not roll down with one touch but goes up fine......passengers side is fine.

I have tried a reset by putting the window all the way down........holding........then putting it all the way up and holding with the engine running to see if it would reset, but still the same.

I have also held up the switch with the window up as this worked on my last VW.

Really odd!

Can it be reset with VCDS, or a battery disconnect?

Any more ideas welcome

Mine is doing this too. Assumed the switch is knackered but happy to be proven wrong!!
Mines has done this a few times and as the others say its a dodgy switch I find if you give it a firm push and hold it for a second it should work, do this a couple of times it goes back to normal or well mine does.
Might take it apart and swap the switches round and see if it still does it..........thin I might a a spare one in the garage also.

Cheers all

Will report back when I get a chance to do it...........more likely at the weekend