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Drivers side window not going down

slowcoach3 May 22, 2018

  1. slowcoach3

    slowcoach3 Active Member

    Hi all, had a quick search and most cases the window not working is the loom. In my case though everything else on the door , passenger window and wing mirrors all work and when I use the switch I can hear the motor clock in a relay clicking kind of way but only when I try upwards. There's no noise or action when I try and put it down.
    I had a spare working motor kicking around but that hasn' changed anything.
    Just wondered if anyone had any ideas of where to start looking? Cheers Russ
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  3. abyrne153

    abyrne153 Member

    The wires break in the rubber cover on the hinge side of the door. Pull the cover off and there's a clip there to undo that disconnects the loom from the door. A bit of delicate soldering will most likely be needed. Could also be the switch so check that too.
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  4. slowcoach3

    slowcoach3 Active Member

    Thank you. I'll pull it apart and have a look. I doubt it's the loom though as everything else on the door works, the switch lights up with the lights on so should in theory be getting power. I would just buy another switch but I have a poverty spec one which has manual rear windows and every switch I see is a 4 button one for full electric windows :(

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