Drivers door won’t open


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Hello chaps, happy new year to you all, got a bit of a random one, seeing if anyone has any ideas.
*my car is a 2014 RS6*
Went to my car the other day and the battery was flat, no big surprise as I haven’t driven it a lot recently and only short trips if I did.
So anyway to charge the battery I had to open it up to open the bonnet and connect the charger, used the key as the central locking wasn’t working, this worked fine and there door opened opened the bonnet fine, I then locked the door with the key again.

After a couple of days I go back and it’s fully charged ect however now the drivers door won’t open using the outside handle, all the doors are unlocking using the fob apart from the drivers door! So I use the key to see it that works, all the other doors unlock and lock using this method apart from the drivers door.
It opens fine using the inside handle. Anyone got any ideas? Don’t know if there’s some reset procedure or anything I need to do?

Thanks a lot,