drivers door lock issues

Jimmy D

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Hi guys ,
I have a 2007 s3 3dr, for the last few months my drivers door lock has been giving me some trouble. Up until now I have ignored it but as the doors are going to have to be opened up to fit some replacement wingmirrors I felt I should address this issue as well.

Basically all doors will lock with the key fob . The issue is that 9 times out of 10 the drivers door wont unlock with the fob. I can open the door manually however and the fob can still be used to raise and lower both windows .

Has anyone had this issue ?

I've done some research and the general thought is the door mechanism needs replacing , I beleive the part number is 4e2837016 .

Before I buy one has anyone had the same problem ? If so how did they manage to sort it ? I was looking to buy the part from eBay but a part of me thinks it might be worth buying a new one to save future hassle . That being the case can anyone suggest a supplier (except audi !)

Your help would be appreciated



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The same has just happened to mine, new door lock solenoid needed, common fault as I was told, £125 fitted I payed


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Yep same thing happened to one of ours it was the solenoid just wouldn't unlock and had to use the key