Drivers door arm rest removal


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Hi all,

I am new to the Audi world. I have had my A6 since April. It is a 2012 2l tdi s-line.
Long story short i lent the car to a family member and they have ruined my arm rest. I have ordered a replacement from Audi at a whopping £173.32!

Is there an "how to" guide on removing the door card?
What are the torx bolt sizes?

Thanks in advance


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Hope you made them pay for it. Looks like a fag burn!

Have a look here item 10A is the "armrest" and you can see 3 screws holding it to the door card: 2 X No. 3 and 1 X No. 11

Looks like you have to remove the complete door panel to get bolt No. 11 out.

See here for guidance on removal. Once you have all the bolts out, you pull upwards on the door card and it should lift off its hangers.


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And always look on eBay for parts before going to the dealer!

(Or use the forum parts request if you absolutely need a dealer supplied part - you will get forum discount)

Look here....eBay


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They are all torx screws - either 20 or 25

One behind the speaker grill
One behind the alum (or whatever colour) trim
One under the door handle


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Annoying to say the least! Strictly no smoking in my cars!