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Drivers Auto window does not work?

CanadaA3wales Aug 28, 2020

  1. CanadaA3wales

    CanadaA3wales Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP

    All the electrics still work and when I press the drivers window down it will go down but when you long press it the automatic full roll down does not work, but all the others work fine.

    There is no dash errors or anything and I dont have any error readers.

    Is this a motor issue or a fuse issue?

    If its a big job I wont bother as it still works, but when you long press it, the window wont roll itself down fully.

    Very strange it still works and all the other windows work fine, but the drivers doesnt.

    There is no junk in the window either, checked that due to the bad weather.
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  3. Ormesome

    Ormesome Registered User

    Search for this. Pretty sure its common.

    Its something like this:

    Its for 8P but there is a simple procedure like this for 8V, might even be the same.
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  4. CanadaA3wales

    CanadaA3wales Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP

    LEGEND !!!
    Thanks so much @Ormesome
    Works great
    I never took a battery off, but hey ho, thanks again, so easy
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  5. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    get your battery checked out. I had a faulty battery and this randomly happened along with my trip meter resetting then to the point I couldn’t even start the car. All sorted under warranty thankfully as Audi wanted £300+ for a new battery.
    In my experience the efb and agm batteries have about 3/4 years life then start deteriorating but that’s me doing a lot of heavy traffic journeys with stop/starts all the time.

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