Driver door not unlocking with key fob


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Nov 1, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I have a 2009 A3 8P3 Sportback which the driver's door won't open remotely with either key. All other doors and boot open and I can unlock the drivers door by using the key in the door or opening it from the inside. The drivers window will open using the key (holding the unlock button) or using the button on the inside; remotely locking works fine as well.

Below are the VCDS errors:

25-Immobilizer -- Status: Malfunction 0010
42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: Malfunction 0010

Address 25: Immobilizer Labels: 1K0-920-xxx-25.clb
Part No SW: 8P0 920 982 E HW: 8P0 920 982 E
Component: KOMBIIMSTR. VDO H19 0860
Revision: D0H19007 Serial number: AUX7Z0I1FNA0J7
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
VCID: 3B7E40F67AB1FCC6811-806E

1 Fault Found:
01176 - Key
008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels: 8P0-959-801-MAX3.lbl
Part No SW: 8P0 959 801 J HW: 8P0 959 801 J
Component: Tuer-SG H03 0060
Coding: 0004860
Shop #: WSC 06314 000 00000
VCID: 42803D121D5B8D0EC27-8017

2 Faults Found:
01552 - Motor for Central Locking; Drviers Door (V56); Lock
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - Intermittent
00928 - Locking Module for Central Locking; Front Driver Side (F220)
008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

I found the below threads with similar problems although they didn't have the "25-Immobilizer Key" fault and never mentioned the final fix. The sticking of microswitches sounds possible as once I open the door (with the key or from inside) I will be able to lock and unlock it fine with the fob, the problem will then reappear after leaving the car locked for an hour or more)

I would appreciate all of your opinions/insight.

Yeah I would go with the lock itself given remote windows & locking works, microswitches are common, also the metal rod that connects the external handle & the lock are another to look at, still door card of job.

I'm looking to replace the Window Motor (Part 8P0 959 801 J) but I cant find many around.

Do you know if the below is the correct part as it says passenger side but has the same part number as my fault code?

or could I get a similar part, such as the below, and just swap out the white motor?
AUDI A3 8P Hatchback Window Motor Mechanism 8P0959801 A | eBay

My car has only recently came out of warranty so this will be my first self fix. Audi quoted a couple of hours diagnostic and then £100-200 for a new lock if that was at fault so I was going to try to get the parts myself and then get a local mechanic or friend to help for a more reasonable rate.
Ive been having this problem on my A4 all other doors unlock apart from the drivers but it only happens about 70% of times.

I have this code

02115 - Locking Unit for Central Locking
008 - Implausible Signal

Ive just removed the door handles due to my keyless entry sensors playing up to so while I was there I greased a few parts but no good.

It opens with the key no problem so I spray wd40 into the key hole and locked & unlocked it about 10 times, and now it seems to work with the fob every time so far.

With my luck it probably wont open tomorrow morning now :keule:
I'll try a bit of WD40 and hope I get lucky. I thought resetting the VCDS fault codes fixed it as after that it unlocked fine but then started playing up again the next day.

****** intermittent faults are a pain to fix :banghead:
Mine has played up again today but it seems the same as yours ie won't unlock after it's been locked for a while.
Update for anyone interested:

I've bought a replacement control module which is found inside the door after removing the door card. Part number is 8K0 959 793 B

So far so good been a week or so now and not played up once!

Previously I did try lube the mechanisms etc which didn't fix the issue.

Now onto replacing my keyless entry door sensors from China (fingers crossed they work) :D
Hello guys
unfortunately I have the above issue with my 2009 8p3 sport back
drivers door won't unlock ( most of the time) with the fob, can't see any real pattern apart from if I unlock with the key thenlock again with the fob I can instantly unlock with the fob ?? It's really odd.

Its been going on about 2 months now but I would say every one in 5 unlocks is successful, it's really frustrating and embarrasing that few year old Audi needs a key to unlock it.

How can I fix this I don't have the money for a scan just got the keys to my new house I have purchased and the car braking is the last thing need.

Will post videos up if I can or links to them. Palling on faking door card off but what do I look for once its off ?

Thanks as always Nally
Mine looked exactly like this, Check out this item I found on eBay:

Apart from the p/n was what I posted above.

I don't know if mines different though being a a4 but when I got the door card off it was mounted to the door on it's own not part of any window mechanism as the link above.
Thanks ill have a good read after work
here are the two vids

first one left overnight and would not open, it was 4c so not that cold and would not unlock.
no noise coming from the drivers door lock.

Audi a3 driver door issue - YouTube

second one drove home from work ( after unlocking with key)
locks and unlocks with fob ( normally only it you have very recently unlocked with key)
Audi a3 drivers door issue - YouTube

Thanks Nally
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Is there any visual que I can for to confirm the dodgy part?
will I need this recoding with vag com ?
Hi did you find the problem with your drivers door not unlocking?
Ive had mine to pieces ive check harness for any breaks ive had the door lock off and taken apart as far as I dare and lubricated it all but mine still does not unlock all the time? is it the unlock motor gone weak because I can hear it try to unlock when I press the keyfob ive also noticed that the drivers door dose not always lock when you drive off you all other doors clunking but the locked door light does not light up on the door switch?? any ideas please
Sorry my car is a 58 plate A3 5dr Sportback

I still have the problem although haven't got round to replacing the control module and think this is a likely fix as Jamie-S had the exact same symptoms as me.

Your symptoms are different as the door would always lock and the lock light would go on. Have you had a vag com done yet as you will be working blind otherwise?
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Hi Ben,

I went and saw an Audi specialist this afternoon just for some advice I told him what was happening to my central locking and told what I had checked and tried etc and he said that he would go for the lock then.

No I've not had mine on vag com I'm guessing you mean diagnostics?
I'm trying to get it fixed as cheap as possible but with out to much hassle either so that's why I joined this site to see what other people have tried with the same problem.

I've been looking on eBay for locks the cheapest I've found is £38 free p+p but I'm not sure if it's the right one I need to ask seller more info about it. But then there are ones with the same part number as mine for around £50 inc p+p
But I would like to be sure it is the lock that's at fault before ordering it.
Or should I just bite the bullet and go for the lock!!??
Those with lock problems make sure the wires are checked inside the rubber boot between the car body and door. These wires have a habit of breaking cleanly inside.
Yep wires in the rubber boot are fine Ive had the whole door harness off and checked continuity through all the wires.
I'm trying to find a replacement Control Module/Window Motor for my 2009 A3 Sportback front driver door but cannot find any that matches the part number of my current window motor (8P0 959 801 J)

Does anyone know where to find this part or what the letter at the end means as I can find lots of parts with different end letters?

8P0 959 801 (Genuine AUDI A3 8P S Line Bosch Drivers Side Front Window Motor - 8P0 959 801 | eBay
or 8P0 959 801 A (Audi A3 Mk2 8P RHF Right Off Side Front Window Motor ECU Module 8P0 959 801 A | eBay)
or 8P0 959 801 E (Audi A3 Mk2 8P RHF Right Off Side Front Window Motor ECU Module 8P0 959 801 E | eBay)
or 8P0 959 801 K (MK2 2004-2009 AUDI A3 DRIVER SIDE FRONT WINDOW MOTOR 8P0959801K 8P0 959 801 K | eBay)

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi Ben can I ask what problem you are having with yours? as I today I have sorted my problem which was mine wouldn't unlock the drivers door only with the keyfob I had to use the key in the door to unlock it and also just the drivers door wasn't locking when you drive off and even pressing the lock button on the drivers door wouldn't lock it but it locked with the keyfob?? so very strange??
So after a lot of checking and I even took the module off the window motor and opened it up to check for any signs of lose or corroded connections it all looked ok. I also took the door lock off and checked over as far as I dared because of little springs etc...
So because I could hear the door lock trying to open when I was unlocking with the key fob I decided that the motor in the door lock had gone weak and I ordered one off EBAY for £38 from Hills Salvage & Recycling Ltd
So I fitted it today and its sorted Im so happy now :)
Hope this helps you with your problem sorry if its a bit long lol
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Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the reply. That does sound very similar although mine always locks, just doesn't unlock with the keyfob.

I want to swap the motor as you are the 2nd person just in this thread to mention that has fixed the problem but want to make sure I get the right part as I'm sure I read somewhere that you need the right motor for the folding mirrors and other functions to work correctly.

Was it the entire window motor (black and white bit) or just the control module (black bit) you replaced and do you have the part number for it?

Hi Ben no I just changed the lock which sorted it, and right now im just going to go out to check once more lol
Hi Ben is yours intermittent? mine was for awhile then it gave up all together
Not really intermittent. I can reproduce the problem by leaving it a few hours or overnight and the fault never changes, won't unlock until I insert the key but will then lock and unlock with the keyfob until the next time it is left. There have been a few random days when it will unlock fine and I get my hopes up but will then stop working the next day. I'm not brave enough to start taking the lock or door control apart.

If replacing the lock worked for you I might give that a go, is there a specific part number for it as I presume yours is the same as mine - facelift 8p a3 5dr
That's exactly what mine was doing and eventually it just would not unlock anymore.

Yes I think ours are the same mines a 58 plate

My part number was JA6 - 4F2 837 016 B
O/S/F door

My one I ordered was from a 07 plate Hatchback which has the same part number on it
Hi Josh, I replaced the lock on Wednesday and haven't had the problem since so I'm confident that it's now fixed. Thanks!

It took me about an hour and a half from start to finish with the most difficult part being removing the yellow and black clip from the existing lock where it connects to the external handle, this part alone took 30 minutes as I just couldn't figure out how it was meant to come apart. A lot of patience and with the pictures and description in the below guides I got there in the end.

A3 door trim removal and door lock replacement
Lock microswitch problem / Door-open signal failure / Car may lock you out / May affect other VAG vehicles

Definitely better to spend £40 and a few hours yourself rather than the near £300 Audi were going to charge.
Hi Ben, I'm glad you've sorted it. Yeah I know the clip your talking about it was a little difficult. Lets hope that's the end of it.
The next thing I need to do is get my service spanner light put out so its going to be a trip to an Audi specialist who's got the equipment to do it. I know its nothing serious but its a little annoying every time you turn the ignition on. I do all the Service my self with genuine Audi parts so its all good.
Hi Guys,
I'm facing quite a similar issue like this with my A4 B8 TDI, but mine is rather the driver rear side door. The fault is intermittent, decides to open when it wants. Sometimes at night the interior light does not even come on upon unlocking the car to sit inside. That door window in particular sometimes wont roll down when I use the driver door window control button or the window button on that door.
On some days it wont open at all using the key fob or the door handle outside and inside. Took it to Salisbury Audi to have it diagnosed and repaired. Their say on the fault was that the drivers door control unit was faulty and needed replacing. So paid almost £400 to have it sorted only for them to return the car to me last week and discovered the fault was still present. I am so upset at the quality of service from a main dealer like them to be honest.
I will keep you guys updated on the outcome as they are picking my car up again to rectify the issue.

What I have done in the past is, ask them to fit the original part back in the car and refund me the cost. When they have done that ask them to fix the fault. Not just on cars I might add.
Had exact problem with my drivers door when I got my car.

Check out how I fixed it and other videos!!

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