Drive system issues


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Had a new S4 delivered on Monday, got a drive system warning message and revs were limited to 3500 after only putting 250 miles on the car!
The fans were super loud after the car was switched off too.
Restarted fine on the morning but took it to the dealership asap and had them investigate. Apparently it's a known fault with the radiator fans and Audi UK are developing a fix.
Has anyone come across this with their S4?


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700 miles in and no issues yet!

Worrying that they're still 'developing' a fix??

Hope you get sorted buddy, keep us updated.


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Wow, not seen owt like that on mine!
I'm guessing yours is a MY18?
Hope you get sorted pal, keep us updated on the 'fix'??
Good luck with the journey, hope the cars up to it


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I've not had this on my MY18 S4 Avant but interestingly I was talking to some folk over in the US and other places that have had the same thing but seemed to be S5 only so far. Apparently it was something to do with a fan module and they're coming up with a software fix that will sort it but there were no dates given...


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My wife has had the same fault earning show up yesterday on her A5 (which has 10.8k miles). Turned it off once home and on again and it cleared it.... or so we thought.
Went to go to work this morning and same warning, so she's taken my S4 (with 184 miles).
Will find out what Audi have to say today...


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I was told it was a software issue with the fan module. Once a fix is developed they'll call me in to get it done.

Did the 500 mile trip and no issues at all. Averaged 38mpg too.