Drift wars: RX7 vs Kawasaki ZX10 - Simply awesome!


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i watched this about ten times now.. me n my friends are all into drifting and bikes.. tbh the guy on the bike is a psycho... drifting on a sports bike in the "dry" going round a corner on opposite lock facing backwards looking at the RX-7 drifting.. guys sick!! wicked find this vid!! well done Coss


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That was AWESOME!


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Absolutely mental.... I love it:applaus:. The extended swingarm on the bike will make it easyer ( I'm not saying easy lol ) to drift, as a standard one would be a lot more twitchy.


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Fantastic, :cool:

I really should get on with finishing my drift car build


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awesome!I was unaware bikes could even drift!

You need to watch some old 500GP clips of Mick Doohan on the limit of his Honda NSR500 with the big bang engine!


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Some nice camera work there too.