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Q3 Dreaded Sat Nav POI updates Again

Steve Hugill May 8, 2018

  1. Steve Hugill

    Steve Hugill New Member

    Our Audi Q3 2016 S line TDi Quattro has the SD card sat nave and i have read all the threads regarding adding POI's so that the sat nav can warn of speed cameras. Unfortunately I'm struggling to add them can someone please explain how it is possible. I have looked at older threads but they use Audi connect or myAudi and when I try to find the area to upload its missing or not available / Have I done something wrong?
    I don't want to have to resort to Q3 Sat Nav with Tom Tom alongside seems daft!
    Can someone please help.
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  3. Dan_G

    Dan_G Well-Known Member SQ5 owners group Team Navarra Audi S3

    I can see the area for my car on Audi Connect website, but if you're having issues, id go straight to a dealer and get them to do it. Its only a couple of years old.
  4. HawkeyeS3

    HawkeyeS3 Well-Known Member TeamMisano Audi RSQ3 quattro Audi A1

    I'm 99.9% certain that you can't add Speed Camera's on the current Q3's and then if it can, certainly not on the SD card version. The technology on the Q3 is quite old now (by current Audi standards) and there is no way that I'm aware of that it is possible on the Q3. The only possible way I can see it being available is if the SD card originally provided by Audi had that information loaded upon it (as I don't know of any way that SD cards can be updated anyway, only the HDD Sat Nav (and even then on the Q3 not possible, as the Q3 doesn't get updates from Audi Connect etc, like the A3 range does)

    I think you may have been reading threads relating to the A3/S3/RS3 - where on those current models it is possible. But not the current Q3. Maybe the new Q3 when it is released.

    (this also is the wrong forum (IMO) to ask questions about the Q3, not many Q3 owners frequent it - you'll get a much better response on Q3 questions on http://www.q3ownersclub.co.uk/ ).

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