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Hello all I need some help please and excuse my lack of knowledge.

I have an a3 2tdi number plate ov56ajz if that's any help.

Now before you start asking once you have read below I drive approx 110 miles a day mostly country roads and motor way.

2 weeks ago I had my turbo replaced which was covered under the warrenty phew but then last week on the monday my battery died. Took it to a garage and got it replaced. Two days later it was dead again so took it to my warrenty people's preferred people and they replaced my alternator. Then two days after that my battery was dead again.
So with my little knowledge I took an amp meter and checked the draw.
Battery was sat at around 2.5 amps for around 45 minutes so clearly something is not right so started to remove fuses in the engine box.
When I removed f8 it dropped off a cliff to around 0.4 so I stopped there thinking this must be so didn't check the rest but this seems to be the problem child. The fuse its self seems to be OK and not blown so I'm wondering what is connected to f8????
I only ask this as currently it's at halfords garage and they seem to be scratching there heads so if I can point them in the right direction then I might be able to get my car back sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advanced and if you need any more info then just ask away.



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If your car is a '56 plate it's not covered in this section,should be more help in the 8P section.


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Halfords garage :whistle2:


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What ever is not working now, that's what on F8. Have a look in the Owners Manual, should be a list of what's on there. 2.5amps is a big draw of current, sure you have the tester on the right scale and connected in series with the battery?