DQ250 limiting my DTUK box gains?


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Mar 7, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi. I managed to get hold of a cheap used DTUK tuning box for my S3 just out of curiosity more than anything.
I fitted it no problems and as far as I can tell it is working. I say as far as I can tell because I don't have any engine lights or problems whatsoever and the box is powered up and operating as per the instructions.
However I'm not sure if the car feels any more powerful than before.
I already have a few very minor mods like upgrade air filter, silicone intake hose, uprated turbo elbow pipe and turbo muffler delete and exhaust res delete.
The car has felt fast from I got it doing consistent 4.1s launches (using dragy) even once doing a 3.96s which is absolutely mental for a stock car.
So... why am I not noticing much increase in power with the dtuk box fitted? Was my car just already fast and the improvement isn't significant?
Or is my DSG box limiting the increased torque? I have been told a DSG tune is recommend with any ecu tune and I take the point but is it necessary ?

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