Facelift DP Size


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Hey guys, question regarding DP size. What would be the correct size to get? I see a lot of 3.5inch and 4inch options. Cats are not necessary for me. I want to choose something that would make me potentially use on a hybrid in future as well. Whats your guys thoughts and opinions


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I think any one of them will do to be honest. 3.5" is plenty of girth. Personally I leaned toward the IE one with a cast elbow tapering down to 3.5" in the bend, a well designed splitter section, and liked the sound. Generally great design, although should have used V-bands for the sports cat as it was a bitch to get a good seal.

If it hadn't been for the opportunity to pick up the IE for sub 1k, I was leaning toward BCS which is a similar design and a few KGs lighter without the cast section.