Double din to single DIN


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I know most people on here go the other way but i want to take out my symphony tape/cd player head unit from my 8L S3 2001 Y reg and fit an aftermarket single din unit.

Is there a guide anywhere and also what bits will i need ?

I was looking at a guide for an 8P and it looked like when he put a double DIN in he had to move the climate controls down is this the same in the 8L meaning i will have to move my controls back up again to fill the gap or do i get a blanking plate ?

Thanks James


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that is for a 2003 onwards does that even fit an 8L.

I am not too sure if they are the same i suspect not because as of yet I have been unable to find one that is listed for the earlier models :(


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As it's an Autoleads product I doubt it even fits the 8P A3