Doors won't auto lock when driving


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Hello one and all,

Hopefully someone will be able to help with what is an annoying problem. I have got a 63 Plate A3 and the doors have always locked when I have started driving up to about 2 weeks ago when it just stopped.

I have checked the setting in Car Setup through the MMI and the setting is set to lock. I tried setting it not to lock and drove around for a couple of days and have since set it back to auto lock but the doors still fail to lock.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or heard of it happening and if so what is the fix? Hopefully not a trip to Audi!

Cheers in advance.


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I had this same thing happen. Dont know what went wrong, but it's just started working again.

Dont know a remedy but youre not alone.

Incidentaly, mine stopped around the same time i had it remapped and mods done with VCDS but dont think this was the reason it stopped working.

Best of luck.