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Door warning and courtesy light retrofit tips

LordOfTheRings Jun 15, 2018

  1. LordOfTheRings

    LordOfTheRings Member

    Hi folks. I've got a pretty bare EU spec A4 in terms of options. I don't have the interior light package nor any parts of it; want to install door warning and courtesy lights, starting in the front.

    My main questions is: is there any chance I could use VCDS to enable the required pins in the door control modules to activate the lights and wire them up as they would have been, or do I need to connect to the door switch or some related wires?

    I'm lacking some door-related fuses and footwell light fuses, and I don't even have the contact groups for those fuses installed in the fuse. So my chances are slim, but I'd like a confirmation from the more knowledgeable people around here. And some tips, perhaps?

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