Door not working or locking

Jason Riley

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So I've been having issues with drivers door for months now and can't seem to work out whats going on hopefully someone on here has the answer!!

Few months ago my alarm kept going of, then the door was intermittent locking, I was then driving at night and it was flashing on and off constantly.
So took door apart checked wires in door between car all fine as I heard these go, checked all connectors fixed door card popping of as typical plastics broken on card so dosent hold properly, ive even took fuse out for alarm as this was annoying me.
Its strange as speaker works still but I daredent open window if it ever works as it might not go up again!!

Now I'm thinking changing the window motor as it connects everything do these go as when it works the window goes up down ok

Thanks guys


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Scan the car first. Should always check for any faults, saves you hassle. You might have a bad earth somewhere or a bad controller


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@Jason Riley check out the user map and see if there’s anyone close to you that you can message for a scan with vcds.


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As above - interrogate the ECU first. My guess is that it is the door lock module - known, common fault on the VAG range. Aftermarket suppliers on ebay literally sell hundreds. I've replaced two of mine (front right and rear left). If you want any tips on removal just ask.


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Door lock module is probably the culprit, happened to mine (although not as severe as yours).
Don't put it off as once that module fails completely in the locked position, there is no way to fix it without damaging the door card or door itself as it needs to be open in order to access the module.
This is the module I bought and it has been working fine:

Jason Riley

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I literally give up replaced window motor was working fine locking like normal and then just suddenly stops working dead again but strangely the speaker always works.
Surely must be a wiring problem??


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I’ll put my money on the wiring loom that passes through the door gaiter.