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in gear but clutch slipping
My 03 2.5tdi still goes strong despite a lumpy dmf (5 years now). Unfortunately the mrs has hit numerous lamp posts & other static objects (including 2 x parked cars last week - writing them off) so there isn't a straight panel on the poor old gal. I've got my eye on a mint 06 2.0tfsi which (mrs wont drive) doesnt have cruise control or tow bar (it does have full electric pack). Can i donor / re-use these parts from my current car?

neil ratcliffe

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yes you can use the c/c stalk on your new ride but remeber to use the coms unit from your car and the tow bar will go just remove everything to do with the wiring ect and make a note of where the wires go


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B6 to a B7, stalk as said is ok, but as its a dual stage airbag you cant use the steering modules from the B6 to get cruise working per se.