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Donkeys BiTDi

DonkeyIce Oct 25, 2017

  1. DonkeyIce

    DonkeyIce Registered User

    Hi all, long time lurker, thought I’d introduce myself finally.
    Had my BiT about 3 years now (2013 MY) quite a big spec
    - black edition
    - dynamic steering
    - Quattro sport diff
    - sline sports suspension
    - tech pack plus with ACC and connect

    A bit of a messer with VCDS so got shift lights, ambient lighting, VIM, motorway mode activated.

    Finally got round to a bit of tuning and fitted a TDi tuning box, lovely bit of kit and only took 1/2 hr to fit and route cables, nice extra bit of torque there now and taken out a bit of a torque dip too. Next stage will be filters and air box.

    Love the car really unsure what I would replace it with when I get that way, took a S4 out as fancied one, so underwhelmed by it, was a pleasure getting back in mine, even on the twistys mine felt better and planted, anyway...

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  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Welcome to Audi-sport.net. Sounds like a nice car. Do you have any pics? Hope you enjoy the forum :)
  4. DonkeyIce

    DonkeyIce Registered User

    That would help! thanks

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  5. fafa

    fafa Registered User

    Was it the new model S4 you took out? It's been on my mind to try one out. What did you find underwhelming about it?
  6. DonkeyIce

    DonkeyIce Registered User

    I suppose I was expecting more drama and noise from it with all the hype round it. The power delivery yes was smooth but I felt it didn’t really get going, I know I drive a torque monster but it really felt lacking. It a nice place to be with the modern tech but engine wise it was a bit meh. I don’t think the demo I had was fitted with the sports diff either so I don’t think the handling comparison would be fair, the dealer was pants also so put a dampener on the day to begin with.
    Tuning box fitted to mine a few weeks back so enjoying that now until I get bored again or get tempted down the AMG route

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  7. evans1089

    evans1089 Registered User

    What’s motorway mode?

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  8. The Black Panther

    The Black Panther Adventurer !

    My tune is a bit more dramatic :) and hence addictive to drive.

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