DONE ! Retrofit Seat Exeo LED RNS E Media System into A4 B7


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Feb 24, 2010
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just thought i would share my experience of this mod.
big thanks to Nathan ( Wrath ) who has helped throughout
first i started with this;

this is the concert ii double din unit
this was a blessing as i did not have to buy any additonal harness or wires ( will go into this a bit later )

i wanted RNS -E but the later spec LED screen version, so after much research i purchased a 2010 Seat Exeo Media unit ( this is exactly the same as the audi unit ) but has the much sought after LED screen.
i got mine for £500 on ebay from a chap in Poland who does vag sat navs - i will pass on his user id if you pm me, many would be worried about buying from there, but it was sent UPS tracked and well wrapped.
the seat unit;

also i found the well laid out codes on top of the seat unit very usefull;

so as a rough guide here goes;

remove your unit using European stereo removal keys - push them in the slots and to the left ( left holes ) and right ( right holes )
i had 2 keys so did one at a time.

out pops the unit, now make note of the wiring diagram on the top of your unit - mine looked like this:

i disconnected all the wires, the main one was the square block, this is done by squeezing the two tabs at the bottom together and lifting the arm on the back up and it come free as a whole.

you are left with a square main block with 2 sub blocks - 1 black, 1 white

now this goes just for my unit so others may differ
i have Bose in my car so i needed to move pin B5 to pin B7
push the tab on the block to take it out the block at the rear and you have it free of the main harness, then flick up the tab on the white block and you can access the pins NOTE THE PINS ARE NUMBERED IN EACH CORNER FOR REFERENCE

I CANNOT STREES ENOUGH HOW VITAL IT IS TO MOVE THE RIGHT PIN - i didnt, i did it upside down at first and wondered why nothing was working lol
anyway go by the numbers on the blocks and find pin B5 and put to pin B7, just push down on the pin and pull and i will come out
if you look at my concert wiring diagram on the B section you can see the bose is 2nd in from the bottom left, make sure you get this right ! pin no 1 is bottom right put this to pin B7 which you can see if you refer to the seat unit is the pin that bose goes to.

the next and even more vital pin is the K-Line, this is used for diagnostics and coding and stronger reception for FM radio stations so you MUST get this right or you will not be able to code this to your car !
the K line is locate don block c ( black ) so do the same as per removal of above and move;
PIN C7 to PIN B5 - this is the old pin that Bose went in so is easy to remember !
K-line is identified as K-LTG on audi units

its not the end of the world and you wont blow anything up, you will just be left with a half functioning unit, so try to get it right
thats it, put the cases back on the blocks (black and white ) they ony go on their respective block so you cant go wrong and slot into the back of the large connector ready for putting into the back of the RNSE

next up is to put your new sat nav ariel in place, this is easy !
plug it into the blue port on the back of the unit and thread it behind the glove box, mine was magnetic and very strong so sits ok, i took my ipod glove box unit out to aid install - easy !
now we are ready to plug in again !

1 thing to note, i have an external phone system in my car so i had to wire that into the 32 pin av connector on the rear of the unit, this follows the same principle as above using;

  • Aux In (Left) - B1 to AV 22
  • Aux In (Right) - B7 to AV 6
  • Aux In (Ground) - B3 to AV 21
this gets the phone working.

so i plug it all in and it all fires up, now time to code it using VCDS

first tell the car it now has navigation;
i have ross tech so used their guide here;
Audi Radio/Navigation System (RNS-E) - Ross-Tech Wiki
i also activated the instrument cluster guidance and coded the steering wheel
i have full SDS also now which is handy !

here is the unit finished installed and yes the time is correct on the screen

i get 7 satellites on reception, i have also changed a few other things, most notable the welcome screen from Seat to Audi using VCDS so it all matches
i am happ to help with my experiences where i can but and not an expert
so if i can do it, then so can you
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Great change over, very OEM. Good write up
iv fitted mine
i had the chrome buttons swapped for black just cos i dont like them
and to be honest its not worth the money my rns-e was just as good
you get a better screen and bigger mem cards
unless you have found anything else
Not sure I follow
This is the better screen led version as per later a3 and tt models and it does take 2 dd cards upto 32gb each
ok what i ment is for the price its not much better than the older rns-e
all you get extra is the led and you can use 32gb cards
the screen is far superior to the older rns-e
i paid £500 for it, the older rnse are about £400 - £450 on ebay
so for the extra its well worth it imo
and it came with a 2011 navigation disk
Hey Doug, welcome to the club (sort of) :)

Really impressed it all worked out and that you already had double-DIN!!!!

Once you have one you know you wouldn't go back. The screen and the acceptance of SDHC cards are fantastic, I wonder if the sound processor is any better, who knows?

Anyway, nice to see the pics.
I would say the music sounds better.
But I would say that !
But .......
Even the missus said it sounds better so there must be something in it.
Just driven from Rochester to Southampton. And I am really impressed with the nav function on it
Clear and in plenty of time
A wort while mod for sure
ill agree on the sound quality
but the lack of full post code is crap
ill agree on the sound quality
but the lack of full post code is crap

Have they still not changed that?? That's the worse thing about the Nav by a long way. A £50 bagain basement satnav accepts a full postcode!!!
nope no full postcode search for a new model
thats the 1st thing they should have done
i still have to carry a tomtom just in case
I want 1.... been offered and rns-e for £450 but i think thats expensive looking on ebay. Also worried that for the same money tho I could have an aftermarket dvd player, sat nav, bluetooth hands free, ipod cd radio etc...... are there any aftermarket ones out there that use the steering wheel controls and use the bose??
Bez - mine has nit got the chrome volume and nav wheel, don't suppose you want to send me yours ????
i put it on the old rnse and sold it like that
but other reason i didnt have it is i didnt realy like it and also
twokers see the chrome and know its the new 1
Yes I looked at this also. It said coming July 2011 but there is nothing out there at the moment
i would happily pay for that if it worked/is ever released....
i like RNSE and only downside is not being able to put in full postcodes
Yeah there is... check the downloads section.

It seems to be a re-written OS version which utilises data from other GPS map sources.
have you got a link ?
that only adds poi's not full postcode search :-(

yep the pois wont work like on the tomtom etc
so not realy worth the mess about
id love the full Postcode tho
I have a 2010 RNS-E unit from the later A3/S3....High Def screen although I dont thinks its LED? I think someones confusing the RNS with the VW 510 nav units...... it also has full post code enabled, media button etc but with the silver buttons unlike the above unit.....(i think the silver buttons make it look much more modern!)

Curious why you have gone for the SEAT unit......
I have a 2010 RNS-E unit from the later A3/S3....High Def screen although I dont thinks its LED? I think someones confusing the RNS with the VW 510 nav units...... it also has full post code enabled, media button etc but with the silver buttons unlike the above unit.....(i think the silver buttons make it look much more modern!)

Curious why you have gone for the SEAT unit......

He's gone for the Seat unit to avoid having to change over the faceplate (finding one is difficult enough). It's essentially the same unit. I have a 2010 A3 unit and I don't have full post code so am interested how yours does. It must have been updated.
^^^^^ what he said ^^^^^

Maybe take a pic of your unit and pist here and to my knowledge the later a3 had the same unit as mine, they are all rnse, if it has the Media button it's the later version. Have you modded your unit somehow ?? Very interested in your response.

As a side note, my unit has full poi and speed camera locations, I also get sat nav directions in the dis, I have now filled a sd card with 10 albums I get full access and full album and track names - very impressed. Cranked it up today and with the Bose it sounds very good indeed
Yeah I know some have it, but I have read that after retrofits some people are having to turn the unit iff and on again after the route is input, mine worked straightaway - I have no idea why.
When navinis in the dis, the vwrh bottom sat 4 pixel colums are empty, I have seen cars with auto transmission this part of the display has p d n etc just wondered if anything else should be in here ?
Doug, does he track name scroll in your DIS or does it just show so many characters of the track name? I did see a torrent download for the old unit where the track name was scrollable in the DIS.
Doesn't scroll, but my track names are fully displayed, you can also click an option to display all info on the playing now track.
Scrolling names sound good
Just re read, in the dis , no not full track names at all , only the first few that it can display
Maybe a vcds thing ???? Can sort
mine doesnt have camera locations, but im pretty certain it has voice control activated too which is RNS-E model specific i understand..... mine is the one just before the black gloss unit came out..... I could take a pic but it won't show you anything other than the media button?
so yours definatly has full uk postcode entry though??? if so it came like that or did you do something to activate it
Doug... I haven't done anything but code it to the car.... full post code