Dome light when opening the door

Saeed J Ghnaim

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Hello guys,

I'm facing a silly yet annoying problem.. the other day when I opened my door (driver door) the dome light came on.. then it played up a bit. it was turning on and off as if im opening the door and closing it. I tried different doors and it seems perfectly fine. I realized that the issue is mainly in the driver's door trigger, I guess its loose or broken.. but I can't seem to find the damn thing. I looked all over the door and the car's body and nothing's there. is it something digitized? usually they're these rubbery push buttons.. anyone had problem with these? also do you have any idea where is it located? door latch possibly?

appreciate your help :)


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I actually have a rear door that's gone down going to strip it through the week as it's annoying me I've read it's down to corrosion on on the board