Dog travel options?


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We have a Labrador and are looking into options for how best to have him in the cars.

We’ve got a 2018 Q5 and a 2018 S4 Avant, but buying a dog guard and divider for both cars seems excessive (£400ish), so had through of a crate that we could swap over as required - finding one that fits both cars is a challenge (and also around £400)

As only 1 dog, looking for a half boot option so as to still have space for luggage etc

Anyone have any suggestions?


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We have 2 labs and they have the whole boot space of our A6 avant. Roof Box for the luggage.
Could you not bungee strap the cases to one side of the boot leaving the pooch the other side?

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RS3 S.

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Only have a Westie but he has the whole back seat, fully covered of course. Also has a seatbelt type clip on his harness so he can still move around but is secure just in case.


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Thanks. Yes looking into roof box options, but as always seem to have over complicated my thinking...

2 kids, 1 dog... like to go to centerparcs in the holidays so now trying to solve the scenario that includes 4 bikes also... roof box kills that, otherwise it’s a rear mounted carrier, but the dog would be stuck in the car... Neither car has a tow bar fitted.

...should have gone with the Q7!