Dog mesh from parcel shelf??

Flat 6

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Hi all,

my old C5 had a built in mesh barrier but my new (to me) C6 doesn’t have that!!

can it be purchased separately? Do you have to replace the whole unit for one with a mesh built in or does it fit in the small space just ahead of the boot cover roller mech?




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It’s separate - part number is 4F9861691A94H. You can search for it on eBay and pick up second hand ones pretty cheaply ~£40.

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OK, many thanks. Had a look at it seems a lot denser than the earlier one. So harder to see through?

also, shape would suggest our mad terrier would easily get round the outer ends!!

may go for a metal one. Travall ones look good. I have one of their boot floor protectors and they are very well made.

thanks again,