Does tyre shine cause tyre dry rot / cracks and how to avoid it?

Nozrul Islam

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As per the title peeps, I read somewhere online that tyre shine adds in addition to UV rays to cause the above?
Any ideas?
I've noticed this over the past 10-15 years but never really knew what it was other than the visible fine cracks, again never took any notice as I just changed the tyres each time.
Products used are Autoglym Tyre Dressing or Meguiars Tyre Shine.

Nozrul Islam

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That's the one I use! Sometimes the Autoglym one too.
I don't think I'll be using anything once the new tyres are fitted.

RS3 S.

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Never had a problem with any i have used in 30+ years of cleaning cars.


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Product adds UV protection. It says it in the product description.

If you're getting tyre cracks/issues best look at the date of manufacture of your tyres and think about changing them imo


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Tyre dressing can cause cracks in the tyre. I heard this a very long time ago and thought it was nonsense but in the past two years I have actually read it on a manufacturer’s label i.e don’t apply without eye protection, don’t inhale etc. It was listed as a possible

Personally I think for a tyre to start to crack due to tyre dressing you would need to be dressing them with a lot of product on a very regular basis over a long period of time

Could it be the silicone? You can get tyre dressing without silicone but it’s nowhere near as good, after a day it looks like somebody has dressed the tyre very badly


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some tyres are just rubbish, i had hankook tyres crack after only 2 years 235 40 18, wont buy them again...

certain brands are worse than others, goodyears seem very good