Does the s3 have baby seat isofix brackets????


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Hello guys:rockwoot:

Quick question,does the 2002 s3 have a isofix bracket or can i buy one from the dealer and fit it?
As i have brought a recaro baby seat for my little one on the way along with a isofix base but i cant check it on my s3 as its off the road and its at my mates in the garage!!resting!!!

All your help would be great..



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Well my 1999 did and my 2001 does so I can't see why a 2002 wouldn't I'm pretty sure it will


Defo worth the wait :)
Yes mate, I can confirm they do come with the ISOFIX Brackets, they are only on the rear seats, not on the front passenger (wouldn't put a child seat in the front anyway).

I had the maxi cosi cabriofix and now have a Britax, both Isofix and they are brilliant.

You cant buy brackets by the way they are fitted to the actual bodywork.


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Thanks guys for your help much appricated.
Will check my one out when i get down to where its resting.