Does The Honeycomb Rs3 Grill Fit The New 2014 S3 8v?


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But don't forget that this will not fit anyone's car that has ACC.

The Challinor

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ACC is such a awesome feature, I LOVE mine. Guess they didn't think of that.


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Does anyone have any Photos of the Xenonz Honeycomb Grill Fitted to their 8V A3/S3 Cars yet?

I'm intrested to hear peoples thoughts on Fitment, Looks & Quality of it!

From the Pics I've seen of them, they look pretty good!


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Quality is spot on, only issue is that due to the grill being flatter across the front the plastic and foam has to be removed from the slam panel, and the slam panel painted black as its bright silver


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It looks awesome! And what about the suspension? How munch is lowered?:ohmy:

Thanks man!
Its on air mate, front should get a touch lower once the chassis has been notched


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Marc is it easy to fit?

I wouldnt say it was hard but its time consuming and fiddly. Mainly a few awkward to reach screws and clips. Best bet is to ask someone who's taken audi bumpers off a few times as I think some of the awkward screws on the bumper are similar on a few models