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does having a service done by independent garage effect resale

sunshinewelly Jul 28, 2020

  1. sunshinewelly

    sunshinewelly Registered User

    My audi S4 is now out of warranty and was thinking of using a local independent specialized Audi garage which has great reviews.

    would this however hurt the resale value down the road when i come to sell the car.

    hence should i stick with the main dealer for all servicing etc
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  3. SiPie

    SiPie Registered User

    Many would prefer to have a car specialist serviced as long as the indy has a good reputation.
    At one year old my S4 went straight to Autohaus for its first service...no hesitation and I’m not overly concerned about future value as to me seeing a good Indy stamp in there is more important.
    Just my thoughts as I’m old enough to have had many poor experiences at various main dealers, including Porsche...
    Indy all the way unless warranty work.
  4. JRF

    JRF Registered User

    I used 4 rings Audi specialist, used Audi parts all Audi technicians way less than a main dealer
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  5. AudiUser01

    AudiUser01 Registered User

    Also, the longer you have the car, once they are several years old, I've found people are more interested in that it actually has a service history and less concerned about where it was performed.
  6. jds_sg

    jds_sg Registered User

    As we now only have digital service records rather than an actual book with stamps in it, some independents will offer to update this digitally if they have the facility to do so, although they may charge extra for this.

    But as long as you keep the invoices with the vehicle showing want was done and when, I think that would only enhance the value not reduce it.
  7. Aldi-Sport Chap

    Aldi-Sport Chap Spacer Hater

    Age old issue.

    We all hanker after a FASH but can't find a decent Audi Dealer anywhere on the planet. They're all full of teenage button monkeys whose knowledge beyond OBD is zero and still want upwards of £120 a hour to be wrong. IMHO they're all utter gutter trash, and I'd rather see a book full of keen specialists (folder of receipts too) who rely on reputation rather than glass frontage and old lady repeat custom.
    Rant over.
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  8. Spike107

    Spike107 Registered User

    I was main dealer through and through for servicing on my previous A4. But only did this as I knew about an ongoing issue with the oil consumption in the 2.0TFSI engine. The pistons were made of chocolate and required 5k worth of work to fix. Audi UK covered the cost by way of "good will" for having main dealer stamps so there is an argument if something serious goes wrong you would get help from Audi UK... It's a lottery though...
    I came to trade in my A4 against an RSQ3 and they offered me a paltry part ex even with FASH. Sales guy said it was a fair offer and would go straight to the auction, "we wouldn't make anything on it". I went elswhere and sold to an independent garage for 2k more than what Audi offered... So FASH didn't mean squat to them at trade in.

    So I've since found a really good Indy for my RSQ3. They still use genuine oem parts and have access to Audi service database so eveything is still on order.
    Just had major service/oil change, haldex changed/filter cleaned, even took pics to show the state of it for me. Audi don't even recognise the haldex filter as a service item, they just change the oil!
    Go for a good Indy mate, they take pride and you'll save a fortune in labour rates over the years!
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