Does Audi R8 have a Lamborghini engine?


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Hello everyone,
Audi is known as a manufacturer of luxury cars and super luxury. The manufacturer's cars often have beautiful designs, powerful engines and a price that is not cheap. In many of its lines, I especially like the Audi R8 for its beauty and power. As far as I know, the car is using a Lamborghini engine, is that true?
Thanks everyone.


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Audi is the parent company, it's the other way round.


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The R8 and the Huracan share the same platform and engine, along with many other parts



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Yes as said earlier, Lamborghini use the Audi 5.2l V10 engine as Audi were not comfortable using the Gallardo 5.0l V10.
Loads of parts are interchangeable but the Lambo badged ones can be way more expensive.