Does Audi have something like this?


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Has Audi got the equivalent to Fords ETIS website?

For those who do not know what it is if you know the reg or vin number of a Ford then you can check where,when, and what equipment was put on it at point of manufacture.

here is the link FordEtis home page

Could make life easier when trying to find out just what is fitted to a car prior to purchase............


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The only site I'm aware of is one that decodes the panel on the inside of the service manual but that won't help prior to purchase unless you can get a photo of it.

VW Group Option Codes Decoder


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You can call Audi uk give them the reg number and they will give you all details of the car, just done it for my wife about a second hand tt. They told me when and where it was bought service details and extras fitted.