Does anyone know this car?


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i dont know this car but imho its expensive considering it doesnt have bose in it, no chrome mirrors, no arm rest and from what i can see no cruise control (could be wrong) no sun roof but the main thing is the low mileage although 6k is steep for povo spec even though its a 52 plate if i was paying that much i would want all mods and cons, but its your money your choice it does look good, i hope it has genuine audi service history and is a well cared for example. good luck with your hunt


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i wouldnt thank you for a sunroof​

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Don't know it, but as others have said, it does appear a tad pricey. Maybe make them an offer. The low mileage is attractive, but if it's not been used regularly or only for short journeys without properly warming up then that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing. Most of the engine wear will happen when the car's cold. Have a look on Pistonheads - there's a load of S3s on there and you'll get an idea of prices so you can put in a sensible offer. This car also doesn't have many options on it by the sounds of things and also only has the standard 17" rims.

Unusual colour combination though - nogaro blue with white interior.