do you think this is worth £750?


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hi guys im finally selling my beloved avant as ive bought a b8 avant s line!
im gonna sell the car and wondering do you think im pricing this too much or too little as its been written off but still a great car.
heres the spec
audi a4 1.9 tdi 130 sport
162k miles
mot march 2018
19 inch alloys with great tyres
good points
new brakes all round recently, clutch and flywheel 2 years ago. cambelt water pump done 2.5 years ago.
new turbo last year.
new suspension arms last year.
bad points
cat c write off due to somone scraping the rear quarter as per pic and ripping a hole open, i bought the car back plated it and carried on driving it the last 2 years!
paintwork isnt great down the sides as per pics.
slight vibration at motorway speeds but always had it in the last 5-6 years weve owned it.
this car is an absolute tank and been a great family car but weve just bought a later avant,it really shifts well as its been remapped too and returns great mpg, would make somone a great cheap reliable runabout and looks nice too.


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Hi there £750 is a easy i belive you could ask more as you have good servixe with it and if you ask a bit more it giveS you room to drop

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cheers mate, honestly the car owes me nothing having owned it since 2012, ive paid off my work van now and decided to buy the wife a new car and its still a reliable car, i always planned to sort the bodywork out but we just left it as it was, with it being a cat c though you never know what theyre worth.
ive been offered £500 but im in no rush to sell it and can hang on for a little bit more, it has to be worth more than that in parts i'd have thought at least!!


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you wouldnt believe how many idiots ive had offering £3-400 this afternoon since ive listed it on facebook.
£650 is the best ive been offered off a couple which i'd be happy with but im happy to hold out for £700 and let it go at that, its been a cracking reliable car.