Do you own BBS Replicas? Cutting through the noise...


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Hey fellow Audi fans,

I wanted to get some insight from owners of the BBS reps into longer-term ownership of the BBS LM/RS replicas to see how resilient/'dentable'/susceptible to damage they are, and how they fare over longer periods, such as a year+?

There's a lot of noise on the internet from people on the more philosophical aspect, but not "I've owned and run them for a year and here's how it's gone" as a standard non-obsessive car owner?

I drive my B6 Quattro mainly on weekends trips and cover about 8k miles a year, as i live in central london, so yeah... by no means a daily driver.

Here are an example of the type of ones i'm after in the 19" 8.5/9.5 combo.