Do you guys ever get sick of the chunky Rear View Mirror blocking your view ?


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I removed my Rear view mirror for a few days and the driving experience was way better. Which then led me to question if there was an option of a slim line mirror? I think the standard chunky one totally obstructs the view.

Perhaps this only affects guys over 6ft tall or somethin ..

Ben S3 8P3

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I have no issues what so ever with the mirror, its a good size for being able to see whats behind you..... and unless you are really interested at the centre of the sky then im not sure how you could encounter problems


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I had the oval one in my M3 and that took a while to get used to as the oval doesn't fit the view through the rear window. The S4 has a normal mirror which is no different in my opinion to anything else really, I'm 6'6" and never notice it being too big.

@udi A3

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My rear view is just fine, although when im middle lane hogging i tend to not look in it much at the angry people following :D


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get a van they dont need rear view mirrors

neither do cars...

and agree with the others about having no issue with it, it's just a normal mirror.