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Do I need an updated intercooler

Neil Abbs Jul 26, 2019

  1. Neil Abbs

    Neil Abbs New Member

    Hi all I have a A3 tdi 140 I’m currently waiting on a hybrid turbo to be built delivered and fitted. My car has had quite a bit of work already I have full militec exhaust K&N filter DPF and EGR delete and it was remapped to 190. My question is after fitting the hybrid will I need afresh map and is it worth getting an S3 intercooler. What sort of gains do you think I’d get thanks
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  3. Eric_BiTDI

    Eric_BiTDI A7 S Line BiTDI

    I'd always recommend getting a better intercooler to cool things down mate, heat kills power - the colder and denser the air the more BHP. I don't know the dimensions of the S3 intercooler but i would presume it would be much larger.
    I would also expect a new custom remap would be in order to gain the maximum from the hybrid turbo mate.

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