Do I have the wet or dry clutch? Can somebody help me as i have slipping gears.


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Mar 4, 2020
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I have the audi a5 3.0tdi with the 7 speed stronic box, I think i need a new clutch as the gears slip in 3rd 5th and 7th, after doing research I think its the wet clutch but cant find a clutch to buy for one of these! If anybody can shed some light and maybe a link that would be awesome, thank you. Hope everyone's cars are sweet ☺


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Yes definitely not cheap but even the standard clutch pack will run you about £500-800.
I'm not quite sure as I havent had it dyno'd or anything as of yet, only got a flash map on it but I think it went from 250 to 330 bhp
IIRC the DL501-7Q is rated for 600Nm @ 9000rpm. Have you had a TCU remap to increase clutchpack clamping pressure?
Yeah i knew it was something around that torque as its double clutch, and no buddy I havent, the guy didn't do those maps so wasn't an option, it is on the cards though!
Would it be worth mapping it first? As engine revs being mapped would probably out do the gearbox if the TCU doesn't have a map?
MRC told me that they see clutchpack slip for the S3 but not the S4/S5, however they increase the pressure to be safe. But since you have a diesel the torque will be a lot higher than we have on our engines.
Hmm yeah thats true, where do I start better putting a new clutch in then do the TCU map
Increase your clutch clamp pressure first. If it doesn't fix the slip then look into getting a new clutch pack.
It depends whats done in the map. You can have your shift map altered if you want, but what you're after is to change the calibration of your clutch clamp pressure.

Requesting more current from the valve will increase clutch pressure.
To be fair that seems logical, they guy that done my stage 2 he only does mobile maps so I will speak to him and see if this is do-able for him... thank you for your advise, as I have a wet clutch it may help to do a gearbox service after I think
Find a proper tuner. The mobile mapper you used most likely flashed a generic tune on the car. More expensive but at least your car will be properly calibrated to the hardware you have.
I'm not going to be able to do that purely down to the slipping clutch, it revs right up the rev limiter but no response from the gearbox, so a rolling road live map wouldn't be an option unfortunately:( they wouldn't even put it on the rolling road because of it for insurance purposes i expect:/
It doesn't need to be on a dyno, you can have a road tune as well. Tuner will alter calibrations and log data. Adjusting it and driving it until its performing correctly. Not just a flash and dash.

Someone worth their slat will be able to flash the gearbox TCU for you.