Do B5 S4 17" wheels fit a B6 S4?


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Wondered if I could fit 17" B5 S4 wheels to my B6 S4: both for bad country roads and to fit winter tyres?

Seems like they should fit, but would like to be certain before I buy some, cheers,

17 x 7.5 ET45 8DO 601 025N I think are the ones



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If they are ET 45 they'll be fine.


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Really depends on the wheels you have..
I'm running 19x8.5 and my ET is 45 and they do not clear s4 b6 calipers.
But a member sent me pictures of his wheels same specs as mine and he had 3 to 5mm clearance..

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Hmm, looks like I'd better try to fit one (front and back) before I decide. I know it's not the usual, and apart from practicality for poor country roads, but I quite like a bit more tyre depth.