Q7 Do all q7 (4M) have Reverse Camera, Auto Park and electric folding Mirror as standard?


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Hi All

Currently looking to buy a used 4M Q7.

Wanted to know if the reverse camera, auto folding mirrors and auto park (think audi calling it parking aid plus) comes standard or not?

I seen one Audi with a reverse camera on the tailgate, yet the sales person said it doesn’t have a reverse camera. He put the car into reverse and the visual diagram came up but no actual picture From the camera. He said it must not be setup or wired correctly, which I found strange.

Many Thanks


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Nothings standard not even the steering wheel.

These things can be installed.


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If the camera is installed above the number plate then should flash up. As long it is wired and coded correctly. As above, these things are not standard spec.


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Mirrors might be standard as I am yet to work on a Q7 4M without them. Parking system is not standard. Reversing cameras are not standard, I retrofit a lot of these ;)