DIY detail on misano red A3

So my snowfoam lance and jetseal 109 arrived midweek, so today I set a few hours aside to see what they could do and how the jetseal finish compared to my normal dodo juice banana armour. I didn't get any before photos cos i was a bit worried about finishing before it got dark and didn't want to waste any time.

So here's a list of what I used and a few photos of how it ended up.
First up a quick rinse off with the hose, then I set up the snow foam with valet pro ph neutral and had a bit of fun. What a blast! A bit messy in the wind, but great fun. Then it was wheels cleaned with some meguiars wheel cleaner, and car sprayed with some TFR and a 2bm wash using Dodo juice soup power. The car didn't need claying as it was only done 2 weeks back, so then it was time for towel drying. I then set about doing 2 coats of jetseal using my kestrel Das-6, leaving half hour before buffing off and half hour between coats. I was well impressed at how easy it buffs off, and how silky smooth it leaves the paint. I then polished up the seals and plastics with some chemical guys super shine oil dressing, and put a couple of coats of jetseal on the wheels. Now i just have to wait and see how long the finish lasts without a wax on top, but so far very impressed.











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Car is looking great mate, very shiny!

One quick question. Isnt it best to use a machine polisher just when you are doing paint correction? I thought it reduced the thickness of the paint, or is this only when you use cutting compound polishes?
As far as i'm aware it's only when using polishing compounds, don't think it does with a sealant. Might be wrong though. Can't give the jetseal enough points i'm well happy with it.
you can use a polisher to apply anything mate if your using the right pad and polish combo it won't remove anything it makes the job a whole lot easier
That's what i thought mate. It was just a blue hex logic pad I bought specially for the jetseal. The da is definitely worth having now i'm getting used to it.


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good job would have like to see some before pics with the jet seal
good job would have like to see some before pics with the jet seal
Thanks mate. To be honest it was quite shiny before cos I only waxed it 3 weeks ago, it was just dirty. The jetseal just gives it a much deeper glossier shine. More of a wet look.


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you have fun with the snow foam ?
I got absolutely caked in it mate! I still need to master it, it seemed like it was too wet and i had the water turned right down so i need to play about with it a bit. Good laugh though. Once i was done i had to rinse off the neighbours cars either side!


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Hi there mate booked the s3 in with KDS today for them to wash and inspect for a detailing .Can't touch it at the moment as the outside is completley covered in roof tile grit that come off the house roof in that big wind last week so will let the pro's sort it and post pic's once detailed.
The car looks the boll--ks mate very nice ,a job well done i think.:arco:
Thanks mate, but not a patch on what kds will do to yours. Can't wait to see the pics. I remember in 1987 my next door neighbour ended up with his chimney on his new xr2i!

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How did I miss this?!

Cars looking awesome Paul and glad to see that you like the Jetseal. Just a little tip next time you snow foam dont rinse the car off first as
1) it will drag the dirt across the panels
2) the foam will not stick as well on the panels as they are already lubricated

the lances can take a little while to get set up correctly but once you have it right there is no need to move it again :thumbsup:
Thanks Jen, i'll remember that next time. I think it's just habit to always give the car a good rinse before i wash it. Perhaps that's why i thought the foam was a bit wet and not clinging. I'm well impressed still with the jetseal. It's 4 days now, and although we haven't had any rain the car still looks immaculate. Really keeps the dirt from sticking and the shine is immense. I need to go on your site and leave some feedback on the products. Thanks again.

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If you have time as well drop me an email with a testimonial and I can add that on the site :)
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