Discs/pads for B7 RS4?


Gone to the Dark Side.

I am looking at a relatively high-mileage RS4 and am trying to work out what it needs, including whether it needs new discs/pads. I asked the selling Audi dealer whether it did and got the following info in reply:

Front Brakes:

- Off Side Disc 34mm (limit 32mm)

- Off Side Pads 14mm (limit 7mm)

- Near Side Disc 33.2mm

- Near Side Pads 14.21

Rear Brakes

- Off Side Disc 22mm (limit 20mm)

- Off Side Pads 14.6mm

- Near Side Disc 22mm

- Near Side Pads 14.8mm

This doesn't mean a whole heap of much to me, but I think I interpret it as meaning:

- pads are fine.
- front discs are fine.
- rear discs need replacing pretty soon.

So is anyone able to kindly interpret for me exactly how much life that means the brakes have left in them?

Many thanks!