Disconnect battery for storage


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Hi guys,

I'm about to work a couple of months abroad in the near future. During this time I've searched for and found a place to have my car parked (I don't want it standing just out on the street for months..) in a locked old hangar. However, due to insurance regulations I need to disconnect the battery in the car during the storage time.
Is it a problem to have the battery disconnected such a long time? I read the manual and it recommended not o disconnect the battery because of the failure of some functions, is this true, and if so - how do I restore these functions when I connect the battery again when I'm back? Do I need to take it to a Audi-workshop?



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You should be fine, if you're that bothered, fit a trickle charger like ctek & leave this plummed in & maybe fit the dr900x dashcam with cloud live connection to log in everyday.

Vodafone do a very cheap sim monthly specifically for systems like that.


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I'm not worried about the battery itself or for the risk of getting the car stolen. I'm worried about if the car gets "damaged" somehow of the fact that it will be powerless for 4 months since the battery must be removed from the car. I've talked to a Audiworkshop and they told me that it's nothing to worry about, it could send a few error codes, but nothing that needs repairing other than just to reset the error codes, I just hope that this is correct..


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more important is the rodents. 5-6 bounce fabric sheets tied to various places including near the firewall insulator will keep them at bay. They hate the stuff