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Disable Bulb Out Warning

CB2 Oct 10, 2018 at 10:57 PM

  1. CB2

    CB2 New Member

    Hi all! I own a 2012 Q5 3.2 and had a minor mishap and cracked the two lower brake lights on my rear bumper. Husband being helpful and also trying to save a buck, ordered replacements off eBay. Problem is the new housing does not include the third (fourth?) outer bulb so every time I turn on the car I have bulb out warnings that are super annoying. I have managed to just leave the lights on "OFF" instead of "AUTO" so only have to deal with this at night which is rare. Problem is I am purchasing a newer Q7 and need to sell my Q5. Is there a way to disable that warning or am I stuck buying OEM lights for triple the cost? Thanks for your help!

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