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Sep 8, 2009
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Hi, still sorting the parts and knowhow to do this, i now have the sccm ( thanks johnyboyc ) but havin read some posts on annother site they keep on about adding a wire so you don't need to add a washer bottle sensor, has anyone done this and where does the wire connect to and where does it come from.
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I too would be interested to know this as i am getting my VCDS cable soon and will want ot add DIS to my Avant. I now you have to ground a pin to earth to stop the washer bottle low warning all the time. But where exactly is this pin and how do you get to it easily?
Find below the circuits for the Washer Bottle sensor.
You need to ground T32/1 (Blue connector on Instrument panel, Pin 1).

Cheers for the info/diagram Woorlord is it easy to get to the instrument panel and that pin?
Couple of screws on the front of the instrument cluster behind the plastic trim above the steering column - and it pops out - you should be able to search for a guide to get the instruments out if you are unsure.
i think there is a guide on tyresmoke that i read a while back so will have a look for that today. Just trying to get prepared so when my VAGcom cable arrives i can jump on it.
DIS is an easy enough job, I did it one evening in a few hours.. you ground the wire from pin 1 onto the chassis and that's it.. clocks are easy enough to remove..
Am I right in thinking you only need the stalk to add DIS control, not the steering control module aswell?

I was sure you only need the steering control module if you are fitting cruise in addition to DIS control?
yes mate all you need is the DIS wiperstalk, you only need the upgraded SWCM if you are doing Cruise control, again if you want to fit a multifunction wheel you need a SWCM that supports it.