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Dis display question

Alex Holmes Mar 6, 2019

  1. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    So recently ive retrofitted Rnse and all works well. I still have the original red dis which works fine for me despite others saying its a bit naff for nav directions etc.

    Anyway i have noticed that sometimes when starting a route the DIS display doesn't always change to provide route directions, other times it does.

    The DIS has now randomly started giving me compass directions and current road information without the nav being in use. (This provents me seeing my trip computer info)

    Ive had a look in the handbook to see if there was a way to switch between DIS displays for nav directions, trip computer and compass but theres no information, other than using the "reset button" to access the DIS menu.

    It seems a little bit rubbish that you can't flick between your mpg figures and nav directions on a long journey, unless im missing something!

    Cheers Alex
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  3. mikep99

    mikep99 Registered User

    there's an option in one of the rnse menus to turn the compass on/off, i'm sure i've messed about with it before.
    thats where i'd start.

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  4. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    I did find that whilst bumbling through the menus and turned it on, expecting it to be on the Rnse screen.

    I tried re finding that menu to turn it off but the lights changed before i figured it out! I shall have another look.

  5. OliNix

    OliNix Registered User

    As others have said, turn compass off.

    If you want the compass to be on you can push reset on the RH stalk and then select menu off it lets you hide the compass and see your trip computer.
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  6. Alex Holmes

    Alex Holmes Registered User

    Turned the compass off tonight and had a play with the dis. All sorted and working!

    Cheers fellas and apologies for my stupidity!

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