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Dipped headlight issue

Marius87 Nov 5, 2020

  1. Marius87

    Marius87 Registered User


    Have a left hnd drive 06 with bi-xenons.
    Cant get rid of my dipped headlight warning on my left headlight.

    Changed the bulbs 2years ago to morimotos, the old ones were old, and the dipped warning was there too.
    Hoped that would change it, it didnt.

    It doesnt always come, but in certain tunnels that i drive in every day, it comes.
    The light switch stays in auto all the time. Its possible too turn the lights off sometimes, and back in auto so both of them ignite and works fine.

    In Norway we have to get a control every 2 years, it passed for 2 years ago, this time it didnt.
    Havnt been so keen on changing the ballast, due to the bumper removal, but bought a brand new one, not from audi dealer, but new and changed that one too.

    And still that **** comes up.

    Is there anything else that could trigger this? Some setting in the light sensor?

    Could the assumed broken ballast mess up my bulb? so that i may have to change the bulb again? Ill try to swap sides, but still, cant understand why.
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  3. tr7

    tr7 Registered User

    What is the symbol on the dash (take a photo of it)

    And does the car show any Fault codes?

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