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Dilemna !

Jonion Jul 15, 2013

  1. Jonion

    Jonion Member

    Everyone loves a good back-story these days right? :no:
    Anyway here's mine (so you can skip this bit if you prefer)..

    Was out of the country for a while and then spent the last couple of months in/out of hospital (going in again in a few weeks) so only just getting to sort some recent issues with the A4 and deciding what to do with it.

    While I was away the local lowlife scumbag decided that he need to smash up a few cars in the carpark here.
    My A4 got the brunt of it. He's been found guilty & ordered to pay compensation. But as you've probably guessed he's living with mummy and getting paid from my/our taxes so the chances of him paying me before I die is pretty slim.

    Damage that needs repairing is windscreen and windscreen wiper arms.
    The rest was superficial.
    I also need to sort the driver-side airbag connector as it's throwing a fault on that. Is it possible this was triggered by the smashed windscreen? (probably not)

    So any suggestions on best places to source a screen and wiper arms?
    I hear that some VW wiper arms fit as well... any specifics on this?

    Once it's all done it'll get a damn good clean as it deserves.
    Then I may have to sell it on as it's not really been used nor will it be I suspect.
    Or should I forget the repairs and sell it as-is or maybe part it out?

    It's a R-plate A4 B5 2.8l 30v Quattro Avant.
    Not in bad condition with usual little dings. Quite recent full stainless exhaust system from cat's back.
    Some very nice 17" wheels from a later Audi (with brand new spare).

    Any idea what these cars go for these days?

    I'm basically trying to decide what to do with it so any input is welcome.
  2. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Windscreen - Submit claim via insurance and pay £75 excess
    Wiper arms - Breakers yard for a set of Passat B5.5 arms £15
    Beating the destructive toe rag - Free! And it's good fun too
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  3. Jonion

    Jonion Member

    Unfortunately two os those aren't options.

    Insurance. Trade insurance doesn't cover glass. So any claim would be full excess of £250.
    So maybe look for a scrapper and grab the screen and get it fitted by the local fitters.

    Beating toe-rag. Well I'm probably moving abroad soon so the criminal record would prevent that.
    But maybe as a leaving present.....
  4. jbh

    jbh TDi lover

    I would keep an eye out for one of the local boys out fitting a a windscreen and ask them if they want a homer.. I done this when I was needing a windscreen done on a mondeo I had been quoted £250 for it supplied and fitted and I got it down to £110 by chancing my arm and asking a boy that I seen doing a crack repair if he wanted a homer. that was also a heated screen so gives you an idea of the savings that could be made.
  5. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    i have some passat layflat aero arms for sale off my TQS
    have some stop gap blades too if you want them, not great but they pass MOT's and get you through storms!

    what airbag connector do you need? They usually throw a fault under the seat, either hard wire it ir clean and lube the contact with some electrical contact stuff
  6. Jonion

    Jonion Member

    Cheers jcb.
    What do you want for the wiper arms?
    I have seen some on the bay of e for around a tenner but if yours are reasonable I'd rather deal with a known quantity ;-)

    I'll grab the fault code of the laptop later and post it here, see if it's the same fault as you mention. IIRC it is.
    Just haven't had chance to look at it properly yet.

    jbh, yes, good idea on the screen.
    Oddly I have at least 7-8 friends who have all worked in windscreen replacement. But Sod's Law dictates they all gave it up a year or so back, might visit the place they worked though and see if the boss still remembers me. Worth a shot.

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