Digital tyre pressure inflators


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I’m sick of running to the local petrol station to use their digital compressor, so I’m looking at buying a 12v one for doing the cars at home.

It must have the auto cut off like the garages, this will satisfy my OCD of having the pressure bang on, haha.

Is there anyone using one they can recommend?


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Well, consider this, every foot pump and 12V compressor I've owned, and I've owned a few, with modern crappy valve stem manufacture I've not been able to remove the inflator swiftly or cleanly - also consider the same for quality and tested/trusted digital pressure gauges - I might not be quite OCD, but when I've checked my tyres I do want to end up with them being at the pressure that I have intended them to be - and faffing about with knowing that I'll need to over inflate so that by the time I have got the pressure gauge on and sealing, the pressure will still be slightly high - and so my Draper pressure gauge with built in pressure release will be able to drop them to exactly the value I want, sometimes takes a couple of re-inflating a tyre that was probably "spot on" before I touched it.
Life was not always as hard as this, years ago the valve stems seemed to be designed to be able to cover all expected inflators and pressure gauges, some idiot seemed to have lost the drawings and probably just a couple of factories in China/Turkey/India make them all now, and so they are crap when it comes to checking pressures - just how hard does simple jobs like this need to be?


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