Digital Camera... recommendations?


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I looking to buy a digital compact camera... does anyone have any recommendations?

My parents have a Nikon Coolpix (5M pixel) which I seemed to get good pics with.

Looking to spend up to £200.


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I have an Canon Ixus 40, great little camera these are under £200 now im sure. Its a real point and shoot camera. very consistant pictures to with little/no effort.

IMO one of the best looking camera's Canon have made, little bundle of cool :)

Had this camera 2 yrs and its still doing the business.


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it may be slightly over budget but the sony dsc n1 is awesome. 8.1 million pixels and plenty of features


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I love the Panasonic FZ range, ive had the FZ5 and the FZ20 and they take take a great pic, got a great Leica lens and a very good 12x zoom. Check some reviews on

They are quite hard to find in the shops but you can pick them up on Ebay etc. I actualy got my mate one from Ebay last week for £105. :)


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I have a Fujifilm fixepix S7000, it is an excellent choice as it had 5 stars on a photography website, I got it from I got it at US prices. and they sorted the import tax!
I think their website has changed names now but still worth a look.

Cant go wrong with Fuji...


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Indeed. Call me old school but I'd always buy a camera made by a camera manufacturer (e.g.: Kodak, Nikon, Fuji etc.) rather than a general electrical manufacturer (e.g.: Sony, Panasonic etc.) or, even worse, a PC parts manufacturer (e.g.: Epson, Logitech etc.)

I'd thoroughly recommend checking out for their excellent reviews.


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Olly_K said:
i have a nikon d70, with 3 lenses, dont ask me what lengh etc etc as i cant remember !

Olly_K, have you done the D70 to D70S upgrade? You can download the firmware and upgrade the camera, I think the bought D70S has a slightly larger screen but the upgrade gives the extra focus points and more menu options etc.

I'll post details if you need ... and I can find them :think:
Love the canon ixus range - great picture quality, point and shoot and nice and small so you can carry it around.
Got a brand new Canon PowerShot S2 IS Digital Camera I'm just about to put on ebay...
Good point! Two different cameras- I'm keeping the Ixus which is the small pocket size one. I'm selling the bigger powershot as I won't use it.


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I've just bought a Casio Exilim EX-S600 from Jessops, paid £199 including 1GB SD card and a Casio Leather Case

Can't recommend it enough, its perfect for me, takes brilliant photos, comes with docking station which makes for easy charging and downloading pics.

Its so small too, fits in the palm of my hand..

Depends what your after in a digital cam, i was just after a very compact camera with a quick start-up time and takes good, clear photo and it fits the bill perfect for me.



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ash_s3 said:
I've just bought a Casio Exilim EX-S600 from Jessops, paid £199 including 1GB SD card and a Casio Leather Case

I bought a ZX-1000 as a Christmas present to myself and am well pleased with it. I use the Nikon D70 for proper pics but for a small, good quality compact I'm very pleased with the Casio. It has the aded bonus of being able to get an underwater housing for when I next go diving.

I suppose realistically, 10MP might be over the top though... Shhh!