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Anybody else got a Digidash box linked to their Carplay? I had Carplay installed by Alex some time ago and had bought a Carlinkit to convert the Carplay from wired to wireless. This gave you purely a wireless connection but nothing more. A couple of weeks ago I saw this Digidash advertised. It wasn’t cheap (£289), but it’s amazing. Only drawback is a few apps need a remote because the screen isn’t a touch screen, but most stuff can be controlled by the car centre console controls. If you have a touchscreen, then you don’t need the remote and therefore the unit will cost you £269.
The unit defaults to Android interface when you switch on, as the unit software is Android, but it’s easy to switch to Apple Carplay, however you can play the music from your phone through the BT Music icon on the Android interface.
I’d recommend it, even at the price. Cheaper than having the OEM TV capability retrofitted. You can also play games but I think they would perform better with a touchscreen. Sky Go won’t work on it and Neither will BT Sport, however if you install IPTV…..
I wanted to upload a video of it but don’t know how to . Google it, turns your MMI into a proper little multi-media centre
Feel free to ask me any questions if you’re interested.