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different offset fitting to same car advise plz

lee1972 Aug 3, 2018

  1. lee1972

    lee1972 New Member


    have just brought a set of wheels off ebay
    5x100 8j for my 2001 audi tt 225 quattro

    they said they was from a audi a1
    after cleaning noticed different offsets although listed as et35

    2 x et35
    2 x et45

    do i need to fit 10mm spacers to the et45 ones will they be ok
    and which ones are recomended
    as not realy up on understanding offsets

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  3. leon263

    leon263 Member

    A quick check on the net shows that the standard wheels on a 2001 TT, be they 16, 17 or 18 are all 7 inches wide and are et31. The 7 and 31 are the important figures. Enter those figures and the figures 8 and 35 and 8 and 45 into the calculator at the link below and hit the calculate button. The results will show the positions of the new wheels in relation to the position of a standard wheel. The et35 wheel will have 17mm less clearance behind it and the face of it will sit 9mm further out ........... this will probably work OK, a trial fit should confirm that there is still clearance between the rear of the wheel and the strut. The et 45 wheel will have 27mm less clearance behind it and the face of it will sit 1mm further in. I doubt if there will be enough clearance behind this wheel to clear the strut.............. again a trial fit will answer that question. A 10mm spacer behind the et45 wheel will give you 10mm more clearance and the position of the face of the et45 wheel will match the position of the face of the et35 wheel.

    Have a look on e-bay for a set of 5x100 VW, hub centric 10mm spacers and take your pick. Be sure that you buy HUB CENTRIC spacers as they will correctly centre the wheel on the hub.

    Should there be insufficient clearance behind the et35 wheels then you may have to put spacers behind them as well (unlikely) Think along the lines of 5 or 10mm spacers behind the et35s and corresponding 15 or 20mm spacers behind the et45s

    I hope all this makes sense ............. if not, drop me a PM


    Example of 10mm hub centric spacer .........

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2018

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