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Mar 15, 2018
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Hi all,

I was wondering whats the difference between the two MMI units below?
I think one is newer than the other but they are both on b8.5 Cars,
Is the one with the silver 4 sections a better unit?
Also could anyone tell me what MMI they are for example 3G or 2g or 3g plus etc

Many Thanks,


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I'm sure the one without the skip forward and backward buttons are from the newer cars, as the skip button is now the volume knob.

The other looks like mine, which is a B8

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After retrofitting 3g+ in my car and buying the wrong parts many times, which was fun... ... The first pic is 3g+ (head unit is piano black) the other pic is 2g. As stated above. 3g basic/standard has the same surrounding buttons as 2g but with the joystick in the big centre button (like 3g+ in the first pic)
ok, i'm getting confused again. my 2011 A4 has the set-up on the right, but if you're saying that's 2G it seems to conflict w/ all the satnav sites that say 2G only went to 2009? but then again, it's the DVD-based version, not the HDD-in-the-trunk version, which other sites seem to suggest was 2G :-/
The second photo is MMI 3G which I have in my 2012 B8.5 and I’m pretty sure as others have said the first photo is MMI 3G+

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Pretty sure 2G units finished in 2009. If it has dual SD card slots then they are definitely 3G units. The difference being one is basic and the other is plus.

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